Trashing the trash.

I plugged in this external board today. It’s supposed to have a capacity of 16MB and I needed all sixteen. There were a few files on it so I deleted those, and emptied my system trash can. That should have done the trick. (I’m sure you see where this is going.)

Try to upload to the board: No space! I inspect it and find out that it’s still nearly full, 14MB on it, despite me doing all the right things to delete what was on it.

Fuck you, computer.

So, let’s take a trip to the Land of Wind and Ghosts, where files live on long after you’ve killed them.

sis-transis$ cd /
sis-transis$ ls Volumes/
mainDrive externalBoard
sis-transis$ cd externalBoard
externalBoard sis-transis$ ls
externalBoard sis-transis$

List: nothing. O rly. Time to look in the corners.

externalBoard sis-transis$ ls -a
. .. .Trashes

Trashes. You little fucker. Get in the sea.

externalBoard sis-transis$ sudo rm -rf .Trashes

Presto: Available space, 16.6MB.

As always, fuck you computer, but today fuck that Trashes file in particular.

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