Too much data, too much gear, not enough craft

When faced with a daily malaise induced by grey equipment, meaningless interfaces, and endless data, how should we respond? acts as a clearing house for work that chooses creative, often humourous, always ingenious options. Our contributors build their own portable computing, exploit publically available APIs well beyond their intended purposes, and are constantly looking for ways to make the untouchable realm all around us



Huge data, singular objects, the void, vulnerability, resistance, resurrection, goths in space.


Hard drive failure, urban foxes, citizen journalism, repitition, repititon, rpiitn.



Sister Transistor

Analogue existence, monumental objects, electric flows, one to minus one and back again.

Current Work

The Twitter Tarot

Sound and fury, signifying #nothing.

Illuminated Video

Conspiracies are everywhere.


Every human is a zoo.

Repetitive Spirit Inquiry

We will make you all ghosts.


Carpe machina.

The All-worlds Calendar

Time, and again.





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